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The International Association for the Study of the Commons is an international organization dedicated to addressing issues of social and environmental sustainability. 

Elinor OStrom Award

Elinor Ostrom was a founding member of IASC.  The award is given in her name after she was honoured in 2009 with the Nobel Prize in Economics.  

Venue and Travel

The University of Alberta welcomes you to the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton in May 2015 - Welcome!


Bring the world to Edmonton to discuss critical issues that matter at both local and global scales.

The International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) is a multidisciplinary academic organization focused on building and mobilizing knowledge around many integrated social-economic and environmental issues with a particular focus on how to avoid the “tragedy of the commons”.    The organization is over 20 years old and gained significant notoriety in 2009 when one of its founding members (Elinor Ostrom) won the Nobel Prize in Economics. A significant body of research and practice speaks to the importance of common pool resource management to local and global sustainability.

The 2015 conference will focus on many kinds of common pool resources including fisheries, forests, and water resources as well as a host of emergent problems of social and environmental change. Participants in the conference will be invited to share ideas, evidence and practical solutions on questions of poverty, food security, social-ecological resilience, effective governance, human rights, indigenous knowledge, sustainable natural resource development and climate change.   You can find more research and publications related to the Commons on the Library of the Commons at:  http://dlc.dlib.indiana.edu/dlc/

For more information about the conference contact: Dr. Brenda Parlee, University of Alberta at bparlee@ualberta.ca 





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The Commons Amidst Complexity and Change

Edmonton Alberta May 25-29, 2015

 Edmonton Alberta - May 25-29, 2015

XVth Biannual Conference International Association for the Study of the Commons

Key Issues in Alberta

Alberta has been a major focus of public attention over oil sands development in the past decade.  Learn more about these and other local issues....


  The Organizing Committee, led by Brenda Parlee, is already hard at work... .

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IASC 2015 needs you.  Get involved in organizing sessions, workshops side events, field trips...

 15th Biannual International Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons

Photo Credits:
Athabasca River - Photo Credit: David Dodge, Pembina Institute 
Jingle Dancer, Earth Day Celebration at Redwood Meadows, Alberta - Photo Credit: Chris Martin Photography
Everette Saddleback, Samson Cree Nation Pow-Wow - Photo Credit: Christina Ryan
Dragon Boat Racers on the North Saskatchewan River - Photo Credit: Edmonton Economic Development Corporation
Old Strathcona Farmers Market - Photo Credit: Edmonton Economic Development Corporation
Street Car at High Level Bridge, Edmonton - Photo Credit: Economic Development Corporation
Shaw Conference Centre overlooking the North Saskatchewan River - Photo Credit: Shaw Conference Centre
Old Strathcona Farmers Market - Photo Credit, Brenda Parlee and Alex Machej
Old Strathcona Farmers Market - Photo Credit: Brenda Parlee and Alex Machej 
Elinor Ostrom - Photo Credit: Elinor Ostrom Award 
Teepee at Pembina Hall, University of Alberta - Photo Credit: University of Alberta
Oil Sands Mining Trucks near Fort McMurray Alberta - Photo Credit: OilSandsJobs.net 


IASC 2015 Conference